Northern New Mexico Families

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New Mexico



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Antonia  Abt 1895New Mexico I4699
2 Bibiana  Abt 1862New Mexico I7176
3 Carmen  Abt 1849New Mexico I2129
4 Carmen  Abt 1890New Mexico I4668
5 Clara  Abt 1850New Mexico I6825
6 Clofea  Abt 1885New Mexico I711
7 Elena R  Abt 1885New Mexico I416
8 Encarnación  Abt 1850New Mexico I7169
9 Féliz  Abt 1859New Mexico I7282
10 Francisca  Abt 1877New Mexico I4674
11 Josefa  Abt 1840New Mexico I7126
12 Juana  Abt 1855New Mexico I8204
13 Juana  Between 1866 and May 1870New Mexico I4713
14 Juana  Abt 1884New Mexico I409
15 Juliana  Abt 1855New Mexico I886
16 Leonor M  1861/2New Mexico I411
17 Luciana  Abt 1825New Mexico I6708
18 Manuela  Abt 1862New Mexico I6603
19 Margarita  Abt 1848New Mexico I1152
20 María  Abt 1835New Mexico I6144
21 María  Abt 1855New Mexico I7063
22 María de las Nieves  Abt 1848New Mexico I1713
23 María Salo.  Abt 1843New Mexico I6765
24 Matilina  Abt 1880New Mexico I692
25 Paula  Abt 1852New Mexico I4777
26 Rafaela  Abt 1842New Mexico I978
27 Reyes  Abt 1852New Mexico I1492
28 Soledad  Abt 1847New Mexico I1609
29 Susana  Abt 1858New Mexico I4694
30 Teodocia  Mar 1876New Mexico I738
31 Ygnacia  Between 1892 and 1895New Mexico I410
32 ABEANO[?], José Manuel  Abt 1848New Mexico I6179
33 Aliré, Reyes Torres  Between 1870 and 1888New Mexico I6149
34 Anaya, Lucero López  Abt 1834New Mexico I64876
35 Anaya, María de la Luz Montoya  Abt 1817New Mexico I51059
36 Anaya, Ramón Apodaca  Abt 1808New Mexico I29447
37 Apodaca, Amada  Feb 1864New Mexico I65896
38 Apodaca, José Rafael García  Abt 1843New Mexico I35793
39 Apodaca, María Bernardina de la Encarnación Noánez  Abt 1814New Mexico I32677
40 Apodaca, María de los Dolores Zamora  Abt 1822New Mexico I50761
41 Apodaca, María Pasquala Sedillo  Abt 1810New Mexico I31451
42 Aragón, Casimiro Jaramillo  Abt 1853New Mexico I7899
43 Aragón, Eloisa  Mar 1876New Mexico I65912
44 Aragón, Féliz Baca  Abt 1849New Mexico I64494
45 Aragón, Juana Lorenza Candelaria  Abt 1822New Mexico I31476
46 Archuleta, Juana María Luján  Abt 1815New Mexico I31158
47 Archuleta, María Brígida  Abt 1846New Mexico I6678
48 Archuleta, Micaela Sedillo  Abt 1826New Mexico I34878
49 Archuleta, Simona  Abt 1853New Mexico I1992
50 Argüello, Agapita  Abt 1914New Mexico I4697

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Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  7 Apr 1979New Mexico I56511
2 María Juana  Bef 20 Dec 1879New Mexico I7019
3 María Marinela  Bef 18 Jan 1882New Mexico I7346
4 García, Espiridión  Between 1 Jul 1950 and 23 Nov 1955New Mexico I9110
5 García, José de Altagracia Villalpando  Between 1900 and 6 Nov 1902New Mexico I2463
6 López, Benjamín Eugenio Argüello  Abt 1927New Mexico I120
7 López, Cristóbal Argüello  Abt 1922/3New Mexico I44
8 Lucero, María de los Dolores Gallegos  Between Jun 1850 and Jun 1860New Mexico I4308
9 Montoya, Severiana  Bef 18 Aug 1881New Mexico I7762
10 Otero, Flora López  1941New Mexico I75
11 Otero, Nora López  1941New Mexico I74
12 Sandoval, María Magdalena  Bef 1910New Mexico I350


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Enríquez / García de Noriega  Between 24 Nov 1914 and Jan 1920New Mexico F1151
2 Guerrera / Chávez  New Mexico F31