Northern New Mexico Families

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López[?], María

Female - Yes, date unknown

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López, María Francisca Tenorio
Female Bef 1764-Yes, date unknown
Ortiz, José Vicente López
Male 1784-Yes, date unknown
Ortiz, José Mariano López
Male -Aft 1832
Silva, María Teresa Baca
Female -Aft 1832
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Ortiz, José Ramón López
Male -Abt 1793
Ortiz, María Vicenta López
Female -Aft 1827
Salas, Juan Antonio Gallegos
Male -Aft 1827
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Ortiz, Antonio Matías López
Male -Aft 1836
Salazar, María Rosa García de Noriega
Female 1795-Aft 1836
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Ortiz, Anamaría López
Female 1798-Yes, date unknown
Ortiz, María de los Dolores López
Female 1801-Abt 1833
Ortiz, José Francisco López
Male 1803-Abt 1804
Ortiz, María de la Concepción López
Female 1803-Yes, date unknown
Ortiz, Ramón López
Male 1804-Yes, date unknown
Ortiz, María Faustina López
Female 1808-Aft 1847
Baca, José María Ortiz
Male -Aft 1847
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Ortiz, Juana María López
Female -Aft 1847
Conklin, Santiago Espolden
Male -Aft 1847
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López, María Bárbara Rosalía Tenorio
Female Bef 1766-Aft 1850
Ortiz, Pedro Antonio
Male -Abt 1850
López, José Manuel Tenorio
Male Bef 1767-Aft 1816
López, María de los Dolores Armijo
Female 1790-Yes, date unknown
López, Salvador Rafael Armijo
Male 1793-1880
Martínez, María Apolonia Gurulé
Female 1801-Abt 1839
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Romero, María de los Dolores Timotea Ortiz
Female Abt 1818-Abt 1901
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López, Diego Antonio Armijo
Male -Abt 1816
López, María Juana de la Soledad Armijo
Female 1799-Aft 1858
Sánchez, José Antonio Martínez
Male Abt 1796-Abt 1858
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López, María Bárbara Armijo
Female 1801-Yes, date unknown
López, José Miguel Armijo
Male 1804-Aft 1880
Lucero, María Ysidora Romero
Female 1820-1880
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López, Antonio José Tenorio
Male Bef 1769-Aft 1850
Armijo, María Antonia
Female -Abt 1805
López, María Rumalda Chávez
Female -Abt 1816
López, José Pablo Chávez
Male 1816-Abt 1816
López, María Benigna Chávez
Female 1820-Yes, date unknown
López, Antonio de Jesús Chávez
Male 1823-Aft 1860
Ribera, María Margarita Jáquez
Female Abt 1831-Aft 1860
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López, Vicente Ferrer Chávez
Male Bef 1827-Yes, date unknown
López, Mariano Chávez
Male Abt 1835-Aft 1850
López, Vicente Chávez
Male Abt 1835-Aft 1880
Vargas, María Teresa de Jesús
Female Abt 1838-Aft 1880
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Chávez, María Manuela Valencia
Female Abt 1800-Aft 1850
Silva, Antonio José López
Male 1797-Yes, date unknown
López, María de Loreto Tenorio
Female Bef 1770-Aft 1797
Silva, Antonio
Male -Aft 1797
López, María Ysabel Tenorio
Female Bef 1772-Yes, date unknown
López, Antonio José
Male -Abt 1798
Tenorio, María Antonia
Female -Abt 1772
Baca, María Ramona[?] López
Female -Aft 1843
Tafoya, Marcos Chávez
Male -Aft 1843
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López, María Gertrudis Anaya
Female Bef 1776-Abt 1823
Baca, Julián
Male -Aft 1823
López, Anamaría Anaya
Female Abt 1782-Yes, date unknown
Martínez, Antonio José López
Male 1807-Abt 1807
Martínez, María Rafaela López
Female 1808-Yes, date unknown
Martínez, Manuel Rafael López
Male 1810-Aft 1842
Muñiz, María Rita Laria
Female -Aft 1842
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López, María Antonia Teresa Anaya
Female 1785-Aft 1842
Martínez, Manuel Lorenzo Lucero
Male Abt 1787-Aft 1842
López, Antonio Quintana
Male -Aft 1842
Martínez, María Margarita Martínez
Female -Aft 1842
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López, Juan de los Reyes Quintana
Male 1819-Yes, date unknown
López, Pedro Antonio Quintana
Male 1820-Yes, date unknown
López, María Justa Rufina Quintana
Female 1822-Aft 1849
Salazar, [illegible] Sisneros
Male -Aft 1849
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López, José Domingo Anaya
Male 1786-Abt 1847
Quintana, María de Guadalupe Martínez
Female -Aft 1822
Martínez, Buenaventura López
Male 1804-Aft 1836
Archuleta, María Ynés Valdés
Female -Aft 1836
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Martínez, María de la Encarnación López
Female 1807-Yes, date unknown
López, María de Guadalupe Anaya
Female 1789-Abt 1842
Martínez, Antonio Matías
Male -Aft 1842
Roybal, Jesús María López
Male -Aft 1839
Valdés, María de los Ángeles González
Female -Aft 1839
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Roybal, María Manuela López
Female -Aft 1841
Torres, José Francisco Jáquez
Male -Aft 1841
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Roybal, María Josefa López
Female 1813-Aft 1836
Mascareñas, Juan Antonio Maestas
Male -Aft 1836
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Roybal, María Josefa López
Female -Abt 1820
Roybal, José de Esquípulas López
Male 1817-Aft 1857
Martínez, María Juana Páez
Female -Aft 1857
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Roybal, María Teresa López
Female 1819-Yes, date unknown
Roybal, María Dionicia López
Female 1821-Yes, date unknown
Roybal, José Domingo López
Male 1823-Aft 1843
Martínez, Bibiana Naranjo
Female -Aft 1843
Roybal, Miguel Ramón López
Male 1823-1823
Roybal, José Tomás López
Male 1825-Yes, date unknown
Roybal, Pedro Antonio López
Male Bef 1827-Aft 1860
García, María Leocadia Tafoya
Female Abt 1835-Aft 1860
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Roybal, Albino de Guadalupe López
Male 1829-Yes, date unknown
López, María de los Dolores Anaya
Female 1791-Abt 1836
Roybal, José Pablo Griego
Male -1831
López, José Pablo Anaya
Male 1793-Yes, date unknown
Martínez, María de Guadalupe López
Female 1795-Aft 1811
Hurtado, Miguel Antonio Lucero
Male -Aft 1811
Martínez, José Ramón López
Male 1798-Aft 1850
Maestas, María Antonia Clara Vigil
Female Abt 1809-Aft 1850
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Martínez, Martín de Jesús López
Male 1800-Aft 1842
Valdés, María Manuela Velarde
Female -Aft 1842
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López, María Bárbara Rosalía Anaya
Female -Aft 1800
Martínez, alférez Mariano Vallejo
Male -Aft 1800
Durán, José de Jesús López
Male 1817-Yes, date unknown
Durán, Luís Manuel López
Male 1819-Yes, date unknown
Durán, María del Refugio López
Female 1823-Aft 1856
Romero, Juan Miguel Atencio
Male -Aft 1856
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Durán, José López
Male -Aft 1855
Romero, María de los Dolores Atencio
Female -Aft 1845
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Vigil, María de los Dolores Apodaca
Female -Aft 1855
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López, María del Carmen Anaya
Female -Aft 1845
Durán, Juan Pedro Antonio Martínez
Male -Bef 1845
Anaya, María Bárbara Almazán
Female -Abt 1795
López[?], María
Female -Yes, date unknown
López, Antonio
Male Abt 1742-Yes, date unknown